On The Eve of Closing

Wading through surreal emotions

Our mid-century modern home in Indianapolis was re-inspected over the weekend. Work was done well enough for us to proceed with closing as planned.

I now stand before you on the night before closing. Typing with nervous vigor, and excited tenacity. Standing at the busy crossroads of emotion - not sure which road to take. Hitching a ride with anxiety would surely lead to sleeplessness. I choose to walk. Calmly.

I've got my ink pen ready and have been on a tight regimen of finger-strengthening exercises for the marathon signing session I've been warned about. Tuesday at 1pm is curtain call. I feel well rehearsed.

(In search of another metaphor, finding none, I continue)

We've got a van loaded with tools and materials. This loaded van is our vessel to closing. Upon completion, tired hand in tow, we will head straight to the house and begin carpet removal. I know there is wood under the carpet but its condition remains a mystery. We've budgeted for new floors but if there's a chance to salvage we'll take it.

From here the progress begins to be fast while the blog posts slow - only in anticipation of many pictures of this home's evolution.

Stay with us and we'll show the transformation.



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Anonymous said...

Good luck getting any sleep tonight!