Mile-high mid-century modern homes.

Impromptu tour of Denver's MCM Roots.

While in Denver for business I was fortunate enough to have some down time for exploring. Always feel like a bit of a faker when I claim to have visited a city in which I've only experienced the airport-cab-hotel-cab-airport tour. Denver was a city I was determined to explore. Even had hopes of meeting someone to explore with, but a solo mission was all I could muster.

Was already familiar with Arapahoe Acres. They were top of mind.

Arrived in town.
Pulled out trusty iPhone. Yelped up some "Denver Mid-Century Modern". Was pointed to Mod Liv'n, a store specializing in MCM furnishings. Short cab ride later, arrived. The staff was really friendly, even drawing a map of areas I should hit. While there I picked up a copy of Atomic Ranch (the book, not the mag).

Upon leaving Mod Liv'n with book and map in-hand, decided to walk the four miles back to the hotel. Ambition. Was a pleasureable experience. Happened on a park which lended itself well as a shaded perch for flipping through new book.

Back to the hotel. Pick up car. Load intersection into iPhone. Mirror check. Drive. Within 15 minutes was surrounded by great mid-century modern homes. Some neighbors even stopped to talk. Very friendly. They were ready to welcome me into the neighborhood. Sadly I waved bye to the fading blobs in the rear view. Below are the pictures collected.

This fence is nice. I like the transition in plank width at the corner.

Very clean and well maintained. Would relocate the hose.

For sale. Want to move to Denver?

Very similar to the fence I have planned.

Note the front door. Very cool.

Inspiring entry way.

This home used a neat feature of metal panels with exposed rivets siding the right side.

Well done on the contrasting colors, calling out architectrual features.

Big renovation project. Down to the studs with entire rear of the house gone.

What kind of bushes are these?


No doubt the prices for the mid-century modern homes in Indianapolis are better. But, I did love the attention to detail and community pride they have in Denver. They know what they have and treat it as such. I hope to bring some of that magic with me to Indy's MCM hoods.




Stephen said...

I know what you mean about the sense of community and people knowing what they have. I live in a small community of Cliff May Homes in Orange County and am more than a little envious of the 800 home community in nearby Long Beach where they seem to have a bit more critical mass.

John and Diane said...

Those bushes are junipers which have had all their lower limbs trimmed off. We're hoping to do that to some of ours - our yard has too many junipers!

matt said...

my wife and i are in the process of purchasing an mcm in denver. there are pockets of cherished and neglected mcm's everywhere in denver. we're purchasing in a more neglected area but have hopes of its revival in the next few years. in the meantime, thanks for your inspiring blog. i just started one myself with house stuff to come.
-matt in denver

Anonymous said...

We toured Arapaho Acres in August when we were in town for the Denver Modernism show. Droolable, indeed! I can't imagine living near such a mid-century mecca. I live in the barren mid-century desert of Fort Worth, Texas, where the best we can hope for is an occasional oasis.