Have cold will travel

The realization that air travel with a bad cold is a miserable experience.

I have just returned from a business trip to Denver. Along the way I picked up a bad cold. I don't recall a cold this bad in a long time. Ever. But I know no one who reads this is reading to follow my health. So now I answer one question:

Are we getting the house?

It looks that way...

Saturday was a pretty trying day. A slew of emotions ran rampant. The seller had until noon to respond to our demands. By noon we had heard nothing. The seller's agent told us the papers were drafted and it was looking good. He'd forward the papers over but wouldn't have the seller's signature until 2:30p. I got the un-signed papers and was displeased. Very displeased. In our demands we specified the electrical system be repaired by a licensed electrician. The response called for the seller's contractor to do the work. If I haven't been clear about the poor level of workmanship done thus far, let me be clear. I'd feel more comfortable if a blindfolded mokey with hammer in hand was on the job. Secondly we requested the duct work be professionally cleaned (a small amount of mold was detected in the furnace). They denied that request. I was not a happy me. After a quick call to Joe in which I said we would be walking away if these things weren't included, we received a new, signed response from the seller indicating their intentions of compling to our requests. I felt better. We'll be setting a closing date for end of month and will be inspecting the work 72 hrs. proior to that date.

Now I bury myself under a blanket and await chicken soup and tea.
I will soon be posting some great pictures of my impromptu tour of Denver's mid-century modern roots.



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