Ghosts are meant for giving-up

Closets were opened. No skeletons fell out. Mostly.

Yesterday was inspection day. Our first ever inspection. Our first ever home. A lot of firsts going on here. Had an idea of what to expect, but until you actually go through it it's a mystery. That's me up there trying to escape the inspector's first shot of the house. That was to be the first of many. It was a bit overwhelming - following behind an inspector who systematically captures every inch of the home within the rays of his industrial sized flashlight. Shades of doom and gloom quickly crawled across my wife's face. I remained a bit more objective. At least I told myself to.

To quote the inspector: "This house takes the cake in 2008 for electrical issues".

Notably there were uncapped loose wires hanging out of nearly every room. Unsecured outlets hanging from basement ceilings. Not a ground to be found.

All in all it was a very educational experience. I know a lot more about the house. I've walked the roof. I've flipped every switch. I've flushed every toilet.

On my way home I got a text from my Realtor who had just received a copy of the report. The text read: "Just got the report, looks good overall. Nothing catastrophic". A sigh of relief escaping as I called him back to discuss.

Today we created our list of demands and have submitted to the seller. At the top of that list is a full assessment and repair of the electrical as deemed necessary by a licensed electrician. Seeing this "investors" handiwork, I don't want him touching anything else in the house. A few other things were included but not worth noting.

Now we see if he steps-up and meets our requests. There's still a chance we have to walk from this...



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