Can you feel it closing in?

Closing date set. A look inside.

Our closing date is set for Tuesday the 30th, 1pm. On Friday we re-enter the home to inspect the agreed upon work. Planning on finding it all in order. "Planning" on it.

Ahead of the closing date I've been getting a lot of questions regarding the interior of the house. Below are the pictures. This poor home has been subjected to an 80's remodel and the recent mistreatment of a flipper. A flipper with a fascination for beige paint and a spray gun. A flipper who doesn't know wood should acclimate prior to installation. A flipper with no taste. A, flipper.

Get a good look. this kitchen will change quickly.

An example of the flipper's fascination with beige. All the walls, and stone (interior and exterior) have been painted this lovely color.

Really cheap, really ugly carpet. Brand new. First thing to go. Still not sure what's underneath.

Recognize that color?

$15.00 vinyl accordion-fold sliders. Ugh. Note the painted windows above. Same shape as the front of the house. Will re-illuminate those. Most likely will close this closet off to this room and open it up on the other side in the "office".

Dinning room. This wall comes completely out to open the kitchen up.

So there you have it. A glimpse of what we're working with and a date for when it officially becomes our home.



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